Monday, March 12, 2012

What's in a Face?

I've always been a face scanner especially since living in New York.  There are so many interesting people to look at. I could sit in the park all day watching people. In NYC, there is also that celebrity factor. I love spotting a celebrity, but I never approach them though. I just get that giddy smile and immediately call my sister.

Since we have decided to adopt, my face scanning has been raised to a new level.  I am constantly looking at people on the subway comparing similarities as humans. The subway is a such a great cross-section of people.  I am also thinking if that person were my child, how would they fit into my family.  I am comparing characterisics and wondering from who they got their features. I don't think I am cuckoo to wonder these things.  Riding the subway is the perfect place to let your mind wander.  Who knows what the person next to you is thinking.

Most expectant couples ponder what their child is going to look like; will the baby have my nose or his eyes? Every one plays this game once the child is born.  When you are expecting to adopt, you have no idea what your kid is going to look like.  If you get the chance to meet the birth mother, you might have an idea.  But I think you're pretty much going to be surprised.  From my observations, it is comforting to know that most people are outwardly beautiful in their own way.

It's not vain to think that what you look like is important.  It's your first impression. It is also the one thing for most that ties you to where you came from.  An adopted child won't have that and it might cause struggles later in life.  They may feel like they don't belong because they don't look like mom and dad.  These are issues I am aware of and think about often even before I have a child.  No one wants their kid to have struggles or doubt they fit in. Raising your child to be confident and inwardly beautiful is part of good parenting.  Preparing myself now helps me think I just might be a good parent one day.

So the next time someone is staring at you, you might just be helping them figure things out.

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