Monday, May 21, 2012

A Whole New World

For the first time, we bought something for our baby-to-be .  A little ball that looks like a globe.  We plan to do the nursery in a travel theme and we saw this little ball and it said take me home. I am for your baby.  Not literally, we haven't completely lost our minds yet, but we both agreed we should buy it.

We have been a little weird about actually preparing for this.  It seems strange to us to have a nursery and have no idea when you'll have a baby.  We've done some looking, started a wish list on Amazon, but we hadn't bought anything for our baby until this weekend.  I look at this little ball and it makes me smile.  It's a start. Though now I am thinking maybe I should start stocking up on diapers when I see them on sale.  They don't go bad, do they?

We've been waiting for about 9 months now.  It's hard to wrap my head around it though. If I were pregnant, I would probably be more than ready.  But the 9 months went by fast.  My nephew was born, and then Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine's Day and our anniversary and now it's almost June. How did that happen? I haven't even thought about what's going to happen when we get a kid.  I have, but I've done nothing to prepare for it.  Maybe it's time to start getting a little prepared for it.  Our little globe ball is subtle reminder everyday that our world is about to change forever.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Someone to Call Me Mom One Day

Today marks the one-year anniversary that we officially submitted our premlinary adoption application to Bethany Christian Services.  Sure, we told our family and friends that we were planning to adopt in December 2010, but it wasn't until Mother's Day 2011 that we actually decided to submit the paperwork.

In recent years, Mother's Day has been one of those trigger days for me.  I love all my mothers (2 moms, 2 mother-in-laws, 2 grandmothers, 3 aunts, 1 sister and numerous friends that I adore) and of course, want to honor them on their special day, but I have also been known to be weepy and feel sorry for myself on Mother's Day.  (Secretly, of course. Poor Marlon, I am so lucky to have him.) Things just didn't work out as planned and it's hard to let go of that.  Last year, I vowed it would be the last Mother's Day that I would cheerfully call all my moms and then take to my bed. It was time to move forward.  That Monday morning, I got up and submitted the application.  I cannot tell you how quickly after hitting "send' that my heart healed.  I suddenly knew someone would call me mom one day.

I am not a mom yet, but I know it is coming soon.  I can wait until it is meant to be.  I am looking forward to getting one of those handmade cards of my very own.  Maybe next year. 

If you would like to help us adopt, we still have puzzle pieces available! Click on the fundraiser tab for more information and to get yours!  Thank you.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Family Matters

I haven't written a blog post in a while. Life has gotten a little hectic with some family illnesses that need my attention. Through trying times, I am so thankful for the support of my family. I have a family that will that will drop everything to help each other. I am so lucky. Working together, I think we can get through just about anything. You guys are awesome!

One bright side of heading "home" every few weeks is getting to see this smiling face. This face make everything all better. Aunt Jenn loves you. xo

Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  I hope to be back posting on a normal schedule soon.