Sunday, November 9, 2014

World Adoption Day

It's World Adoption Day! The first worldwide day to celebrate adoption! So posts your hands up smiley faces to celebrate and hashtag #WorldAdoptionDay Here's ours!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Unveiling Our New Website

Three years have passed since we were first approved to adopt, so we thought it would be a good idea to freshen up our website and book with new photos and stories. I think expectant parents want to see what we look like now and for us to share our new adventures. My fear is meeting someone in person and they think, "you look nothing like your photos." Our website and book are mostly likely our first impression.

I have been working on our new adoption website and wanted it to look clean without a lot of distractions and to be easy to navigate. I found a great template on Weebly and scratched our Wordpress site. Honestly, Wordpress gave me a headache. Sorry to the Wordpress lovers. Weebly was really easy to use and I was able to achieve the look that we wanted. After I signed-up for the Weebly Starter plan, I was able to direct our domain name to the Weebly site. Directing the domain name took a few chats with tech support and waiting for the new site to load on the network. I know, I sound like a Weebly commercial. 

It was worth it, we are live!  Unveiling our new website...

Our Blogspot website has longer versions of our life for those that want to know more. Our new website links to those stories. We also updated the look of the Blogspot site to coordinate with the Weebly site. Sometimes, I amaze myself.

While I am on a roll, I updated this blog's look too. It's a little more modern and streamlined. You'll still be able to read all your favorite posts.

Our next project is updating our book that is shared with expectant parents thinking about adoption. It basically needs to be a combination of the two websites. Not too long, not too short and it should be personal. Guess what I did over Labor Day weekend?

We hope you love our new look! Please feel free to contact us or share our story.  Thank you.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Say Cheese!

So, I told you all about the family reunion that we attended recently. While we were there, one of our cousins, Lisa is a photographer and had voluteered to photograph all the events at the reunion. Lisa had also offered family portrait sessions for a small fee. I jumped on that. We have been thinking about getting new photos done for our various adoption materials. The grounds of our hotel were beautiful, we brought nice clothes, so why not? Sign us up.

Lisa is based out of Iowa and her company is Lis Sto Photography. So if you live in the Greater Dubuque and Davenport areas of Iowa and need some gorgeous photos taken, please contact her. She does it all! Her photos are fun, fresh, full of energy and tell your story.

Here's the funny thing, we've never really had a professional photo session before. We were married when we were 20 and our awesome friend, Scott captured every moment beautifully. He was probably 18 at the time. Since then, friends have taken pictures of us, but we have never hired a photographer.

photo credit: Scott Nash

I admit that I was a bit nervous and hoping I wouldn't look too stiff.  So we went had a beer before our shoot. What?!! We needed to loosen up a little.  I tend to worry about the stupidest things. Lisa and her trusty "assistant", Mike were super cool, professional and put us a ease. Marlon had already geeked out with Mike about Star Wars and comics the day before, so we just had to stop them from talking long enough for us to take some photos. We told them they were for our adoption and how we would be using them, the only thing left was for us to smile!

The photos are awesome! We can't thank Lisa enough for our lovely photos and for sharing our story on her Facebook page. Who knows, maybe at the next reunion she can take our photos of a family of three.

If you or someone that you know is thinking about making an adoption plan. Please feel free to contact us or share our story. Thank you.