Monday, December 5, 2011

So long, Boathouse...

My honey bunny and I go way back, 20 years in fact.  During those teen years, we went to a lot of concerts at the Boathouse in Norfolk, VA.  We even had a missed encounter at the Nine Inch Nails concert in January 1991, we didn't actually meet until March 1991.  But we were both there.  My Dad emailed to say that the Boathouse was no more.  The Boathouse was heavily damaged during Hurricane Isabel and was condemned.  The place where I had so many awesome times has been torn down.  I am seriously sad about this.  I thought maybe I would slip back into my combat boots and pay homage to the Boathouse.

photo credit - L. Todd Spencer

First let me describe the place to you. It was a small venue on the water, standing room only.  It was dark and kinda of grimy.  The stage was elevated from the floor but you could get right up front and practically touch the performers.  The mosh pit usually formed up by the stage, I guess depending on the band. My bands usually had a mosh pit.  I loved the mosh pit.  I came home too many times with my t-shirt ripped and my boots scuffed, but that was the best.  Anyway, the floor was separated by a chain link fence, one side was over 21 and served beer and the other side was under 21, no beer just pizza and soda.  My Dad called the Boathouse to make sure under 21 wasn't allowed in the 21 section. I know my eyes probably rolled out of my head when he asked me to get him the Boathouse's phone number.  But I have to give him props for good parenting skills.  I get it now.

I saw shows from Nine Inch Nail to Primus to Violent Femmes to Letters to Cleo to Henry Rollins.  I might have also seen Lisa Loeb, but I am not admitting to that.

Me, Jennifer and Angi went to Nine Inch Nails.  Jennifer and I knew all the words and were totally into the music. Angi was a cheerleader and not as familiar. We dubbed her a tape the week of the concert and she learned all the songs.  We picked her up from her game in her cheering outfit and she changed into her black clothes in the car.  We sang Head Like a Hole at the top of our lungs!

I went to Primus the day after I got my wisdom teeth extracted. Hardcore, right?  I tried really hard to have fun, but the bass was vibrating my jaw so bad I could not stay on the floor.  The only way it was tolerable is if I stood outside.  Needless to say we exited that concert early.  Marlon took me to get ice cream and brought me home.

Waiting to get into Violet Femmes, a bird crapped on Marlon.  He was not happy at all. End of story.  Still kind of funny.

I have tons of stories about going to Boathouse.  So many good times!  So long, Boathouse, thanks for the memories.

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