Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!
Jenn, Marlon, Twiggy and Edie

Behind the scenes of the 2011 holiday card:

Our good friend announced she got Edie and Twiggy Christmas presents which included reindeer antlers. We hadn't decided what our annual Christmas post card would be and so I thought let's run with the antlers. I found our antlers at 99¢ Jacks. And of course we definitely needed ugly Christmas sweaters to complete the look. I went to Cheap Jacks vintage store, they wanted $100 for an ugly holiday sweater. A $100 people!!! I know ugly Christmas sweaters are all the rage, but come on. Another friend suggested I try Kmart and voila! a great selection of holiday sweaters at reasonable prices. Now we are ready! I told my friend that she must come over and see the kitties enjoy their presents and while she is here can she take our photo. She was enthusiastically on board. She came over, we had wine and dinner and wine. We dumped out the kitties stocking and the went crazy over the sparkly balls and the catnip reindeer. Marlon and I changed into our festive attire. The cats were having a great time with their new toys and now was the time to pounce and put those antlers on them. Antlers are on! Quick! Take the picture, take the picture! She was able to take three before the cats could not take it anymore. They promptly jumped off our laps and started shaking their heads, convulsing and twisting their bodies trying to get those antlers off. Once off, they pawed at them to make sure they were dead. It was hysterical. Thanks to our wonderful friend for the gifts to our kitties, the inspiration for our card and for a fun night. This will now be one of my favorite Christmas stories.

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