Thursday, September 1, 2011


So... We've been busy getting our adoption look book together, selecting pictures from the past 20 years to represent who Jenn and Marlon are.  Good news is that we have had lots of fun times.  Bad news is that my most recent pictures I look tired. I think I look good for my age, but I think it is time for a make-over to get some of that vibrance back.  Remember that year I went platinum? Oooh, la, la.  So, I am thinking contacts, cut and color and new fall wardrobe. Something with pizazz!  That should do the trick.  Anybody want to do a make-over???  Let's face it, once I have a kid I can probably give up looking fresh and vibrant for a while. Best to do it now.

Ok, onward.  So was having a sale on these photo books - 50% off.  I am sucker for a bargain. But the sale ended on 8/31 and our book hasn't been approved yet by Bethany.  So I was IM'ing with the nicest customer service rep, told her I had to order 6 copies of this book for our adoption (EXPENSIVE!) and was there any way she could help me out and give me another code so I could order these book after 8/31 and get these books on sale.  (I know all about the online coupon codes, most smaller companies can make up any code they want and also I know all about getting a deal - thanks last job).  Guess what?!  She gave me a code for 40% off the books!! Woo hoo!  People are so nice.  A BIG THANK YOU to Snapfish for the $60 discount and helping our adoption cause.  Remember people, it never hurts to ask.

What's next?  We are waiting for the book to be approved by our social worker.  We'll get them printed and ship the books to Bethany. They will distribute our books to the regional offices and birthparents will be able to flip through them to see if they like us.  And continue to wait.

Special thanks to D for being my eagle eye proofreader on our adoption book.

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Until next time....

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