Thursday, May 8, 2014

Iggy and Sid

For my birthday (in February), my boss gave me this really cool AquaFarm. How did she know I had been thinking about getting a fish?  Anyway, we had a busy few months, but I kept telling Marlon we needed to go and get our fish.

Well, we finally did it! We now have a male halfmoon betta named Iggy and a zebra snail named Sid. They are so happy in their AquaFarm tank! Edie and Twiggy are fascinated and jealous at the same time of the fish and snail. Every time we go to feed Iggy, Edie and Twiggy have to be right there twitching their tails. I feel bad, so I give them a treat after I finish feeding the fish. Like those girls don't get plenty of love.

Iggy the Male Halfmoon Betta

Can you find Sid the Snail?

Now, do I change the blog name to Two Cats, a Fish, a Snail and a Cradle????

Twiggy is curious.

Edie just wants to be in the picture.

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