Tuesday, May 21, 2013

The Party Rocked!

Our TGIF party was our most successful fundraiser yet! The party was so much fun. Our friends who have been there for us through thick and thin came out; colleagues and new friends stopped by too. Thank you all for having a drink with us and supporting our adoption! We even had quite a few donations from people that couldn't come, but wanted to contribute anyway. Thank you so much! You guys are awesome! Having our friends cheering us on really keeps us going through the wait. We really needed it because waiting sometimes wears us down.

Asking for donations does not come easy to us. It's difficult to ask for help. Many families do fundraisers for adoption (Google "adoption fundraisers"), but I feel self-conscience about appearing to be looking for hand out. We chose to adopt, so ultimately it's our expense. My friends have assured me that I don't appear this way. I have even had some readers email me to let me know that they like the way we are going about fundraising. Whew! That makes me feel better. We may still have a few fundraisers here and there, whenever it feels right and you can always check out the "Fundraising" tab at the top to see what we have going on. We really do appreciate your help.

Donations are great, but it is not our main focus. Building our family is what is most important to us. I am confident when the time comes, we'll find the money. No, we're not planning to rob a bank. I just have faith that things will work out. The party was about raising money, but it was also about asking people to share our story. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and the networking part of the party was just as important as the donations. At the party, we handed out our "touch cards" with our adoption information, shared our profile book and guests talked to us about adoption. You never know, friend of a friend could hear about adoption and think of us. The bottom line is we are ready to start our family and we are doing everything we can to make that happen. If you would like more information about how you can help us spread the word, click the "How You Can Help!" tab at the top.

We're feeling pretty good after the party. We are recharged by your enthusiasm and ready for whatever comes our way next. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Special thanks to Turtle Bay Bar in NYC for hosting our fundraiser. It was so awesome of them to have this party for us. Erin at Turtle Bay rocks!

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  1. Glad to hear your fundraiser turned out well. It's good to hear about people supporting adoption. We have an adoption fundraiser garage sale planned for June 1st and are hoping for a good turn out as well.

    1. Thanks! Good luck with the yard sale. I hear that people great success with yard sales.

  2. as long as you are adopting through the foster care system, you shouldn't have any expenses at all. http://www.adoptuskids.org/ Clare (Boston)

  3. Thanks for commenting! We are adopting through Bethany Christian Services, so we will have adoption expenses. Adopting through foster care is also a wonderful option.


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