Monday, February 4, 2013

It's My Birthday!

It's my birthday today!  I am 39.  Wow, I need to let that one sink in.  I feel like I just turned 29 and I am not sure how I got to 39.  It's one of those numbers that makes you think a deadline is approaching. What do I want to do before I turn 40? 

I know for sure that I want to be mom.  I've made that birthday wish for as long as I can remember in recent years. I certainly didn't envision me being a new mom at this age, but 39 is here. I am hoping that with age comes wisdom and that being a little bit of an older mom will be a positive.  I've got lots of experience to drawn from and seen lots of kids being raised that I have already formed some of my parenting opinions.  Though that will probably all go out the window when I actually have a baby. Never the less, I am ready! 

So as I blow out my candles on my birthday cake tonight, maybe you could make a wish with me for our dream to come true this year.

Twiggy stopping to smell my birthday roses.

Happy Birthday to me!

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