Tuesday, January 1, 2013

This is Going to Be Our Year!

Every year at New Year's, someone says to us "this is going to be your year." I know they mean for us to have a baby and every year I hope it's true.  As 2012 closes, it wasn't "our year" for a baby, but that doesn't discount all the other blessings a year can bring.  We were able to spend extra time with family, we stayed connected with old friends and made some new, we both have good jobs and a roof over our heads.  We were able to stick with last year's resolution by using cash for most everything. (I am going to post about the cash budget soon). We are both lucky enough to have married our best friend which makes every day easier. So, no baby in 2012, but just maybe 2013 will be our year! I am forever an optimist and I can't wait to see what possibilities 2013 will bring.

photo credit: Detail Oriented Diva

Happy New Year! Hello 2013!

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