Thursday, September 6, 2012

Easy Peasy

We had an home study update visit with our social worker last Tuesday. I am patting myself on the back for not completely freaking out this time. 

We did our "we're having a guest" cleaning on Sunday as opposed to "our weekly, we just live here" cleaning.  So that took most of the day on Sunday.  My southern hospitality kicked in and I needed to make something to offer when she visited, so I also tested a recipe for a coffee cake.  I am so glad I did because the first one tasted good, but looked like crap.  And we got to eat cake on Sunday!  Then I decided bruschetta might be better.  I did a Facebook poll and coffee cake won in the beginning, but then people started telling me bruschetta.  What to do??

On Monday evening, Marlon had a meeting so I was home alone and fidgeting. I mopped all the floors.  Straighten up a little more.

The big day, Tuesday!  I worked most of the day, but I headed home early to make whatever I was going to serve. I still hadn't decided.  Last time, I took the whole day off and found myself on my hands and knees waxing the kitchen floor. So this was an improvement.  Marlon took a half a day because I told him not to come home without a haircut.  I got home and made both coffee cake and bruschetta. I was going to feel the moment when she arrived and decide which to bring out.  Yes, I am a little nuts.  Marlon came home looking great. Everything was ready!

Our social worker got stuck in traffic, so she was a little late.  Good, because I actually got to sit down for a few minutes.  She arrived  and I offered her a drink and snack.  She only wanted a glass of water. She was meeting her husband for dinner.  Figures.

The meeting was casual. She basically wanted to know what was new since last year. I got to gush about my little nephew and talk about my favorite new sister-in-law.  We told her about the hubby's new job and our cash budget.  It was really good to have some one-on-one time with her.  She's not our original social worker, so our meetings with her have been pleasantries at our agency's adoption classes.  The visit was over 45 minutes.

We had bruschetta and coffee cake for dinner.  Whew, we're good for another year.

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