Monday, August 13, 2012

Survey Results are IN!

In a recent blog post, Survey Says, I asked young women to answer 10 questions about adoption.  I had a great response and really appreciate these ladies taking the time to help us focus our adoption search.  I thought I would share the answers with you, as it might help other waiting families.

All of the women surveyed were between the ages of 15-25.  The responses I received were not from expectant mothers or from women that have ever placed a child for adoption.  I just asked them to think about what they would do if they were in a situation where they were considering adoption.

The answers are in order of most common response.  I found some of the information quite interesting and helpful.   It certainly has me considering ideas I had not thought of and I hope this information helps you too.

Where would be the first place you'd look for information about adoption?
1.    Internet
2.    Doctor
3.    Planned Parenthood
4.    Government website
5.    Blogs
6.    Church
7.    Agency website
8.    Personal website

Who would you discuss your options with? your doctor, pastor, guidance counselor, etc.
1.    Doctor
2.    Parent
3.    Planned Parenthood
4.    Therapist or counselor
5.    Pastor
6.    Significant other

Would you answer an ad placed in a newspaper?  What kind of newspaper?
1.    Most answered no. 
2.    Those who answered yes said they would answer an ad in a local reputable weekly or in something like an artsy weekly.

Where would you pick up a touch card (like a business card with the adoptive parents information)? On a bulletin board at your school, laundromat, grocery store, coffee shop, etc.
1.    Local coffee shop not at Starbucks
2.    School
3.    Doctor’s office
4.    Grocery store in a good area

What information would you want to see on a touch card ? Picture of the couple? Expenses paid? Open Adoption? Counseling available? QR square? Other?
1.    Picture of couple
2.    Expenses paid
3.    Open/Closed adoption
4.    Website for both an agency and personal
5.    Counseling available
6.    Phone number
7.    Email address
8.    Location

If you were doing a Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. search, what exact words would you type in?
1.    “Giving up child for adoption”
2.    “Putting baby up for adoption”
3.    “Adoption”
4.    These had the same number of responses, they are in alphabetical order.
·         “Adoption how-to”
·         “Adoption resources”
·         “Benefits of adoption”
·         “Is adoption the right choice?”
·         “Parents looking to adopt”
·         “Private adoption NYC”

What social media sites would you search for adoptive parents? Facebook, YouTube or other social media sites?
1.    Facebook
2.    Twitter
3.    Blog
4.    Agency website

Would you feel more comfortable about a family by viewing an agency's web-page for potential adoptive parents or a personal one?
1.    Everyone thought it was important to have both. The agency website gives credibility; the personal shows the couple’s personality.

What information would you want to see in a perspective adoptive parent's profile?
1.    Age
2.    Job
3.    Years of Marriage
4.    Why you are adopting
5.    Values
6.    Hobbies
7.    Open or closed adoption
8.    These had the same number of responses, they are in alphabetical order.
·         Education
·         Family life
·         Financial status
·         How you met
·         Number of other children
·         Pictures
·         Statements from friends and family

What other factors would you consider in selecting adoptive parents?
1.    Relationship with extended family
2.    Strong marriage
3.    Nice place to live
4.    How many children the couple wants
5.    Parenting philosophy

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  1. These responses provide an intriguing insight into the minds of young women and how they understand the adoption process.

    Whether we agree or not it gives a snapshot worth viewing.Thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm struggling with this. It appears as though you are researching this with the perspective of trying to connect with a women in hopes of obtaining her baby through adoption.

    1. Our agency suggested that we network in addition to the agency matching us with an expectant mother. I wanted a better understanding of how young women obtain information.


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