Monday, February 20, 2012

Puzzle Fundraiser Update!

Puzzles are fun! Puzzles are kind of hard. The hubby and I spent several evenings putting together the fundraiser puzzle to see what it would look like.  I really forgot that puzzles are  challenging.  I definitely felt like my brain was working an area that wasn't getting much use.

The hubby was determined to finish the thing and stayed up late one night to work on it. The next morning I awoke to a box full of blue and white pieces that all looked the same. Who knew so many states had blue and white license plates?

We finally finished it and it looks really cool! I'll unveil the finished puzzle when all the pieces have names. We broke it apart and put it back in the box in chunks, so it will be easy to reassemble.  So far, 65 pieces are accounted for, only 935 more pieces to go! People have even started requesting which state they want their name written on or they donated enough to put each of their family member's name on a piece. You guys are really putting the "fun" into the fundraiser.  I know, corny.

So how does the puzzle fundraiser work?  Donate $5 to our adoption fund and we'll write your name on a puzzle piece.  If you donate $10, you'll get 2 pieces with your name written on the back and so on.   The puzzle will be framed and hung in our baby's room. Every time our child looks at the puzzle with all of those name, they'll know how much they are loved by all of you.  If you are interested in donating, click on our Fundraising tab.  Thank you.

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