Monday, January 23, 2012

The Waiting Room

Everyone is so excited for us and always asking if we've heard anything.  The short answer is no, we are just waiting. We are preparing to have a child in our lives, just like any other expectant parents would. Instead of Lamaze and doctor's visits, we are taking adoption classes, infant CPR classes and child care classes. We have started to spend a little time in Babies R Us and Buy Buy Baby just to take a look at all the stuff that's available for a baby.  All that I have to say is good grief there's a lot of baby stuff available. But we are taking notes of things we like just in case we have to buy things in a hurry. We are also cleaning out our second bedroom to make room for our new addition. You know, fun stuff to keep your mind off the wait without a due date.

People have asked us if we hear from the social worker when our profile is shown. The social worker asked us in the beginning how much contact we wanted from her. We know that our profile is being shown, but we really don't want to know every time an expectant mother looks at it. Personally, it would be too stressful and disappointing to hear about every time our profile is shown and we aren't selected. I would rather only hear if there is interest, that way I can go about being my blissful self. We were contacted a couple of months ago and asked if we wanted our profile shown to a particular mother. The circumstance was outside our preferences and our social worker wanted to see if we were interested. There were a lot of medical issues with the mother and two out of the three children she had already had disabilities. It was a tough decision, one that Marlon and I discussed at length. In the end, we decided not to have our profile shown to this mother. It just wasn't the right situation for us.

If the wait starts to get us antsy, we can always change our "look book" or our online profile. We have lots of options for those antsy times. You never know how long the wait will be, but I know that the child that is meant to be a part of our family will come at exactly the right time. In the meantime, keep your questions coming!

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  1. Lovely profile Jenn and Marlon! All the best luck for your adoption journey.


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